Loop Mania GamePlay:

Sometimes, a simple game that is not too complex in design and game rule but brings great experience and Loop Mania is such a game. At first, it looks boring and you can’t find anything attractive when looking at the thumbnail but give it a try and you will get hooked. Trying to earn the highest score possible is your goal in the game at y8 juegos. It looks like a race in a circle track where you have to eliminate your opponent first or being killed.

Racing but it doesn’t mean that you can use nitro or speed up or do something related to a real racing game. Instead, you leap from this side to that side to avoid or attack your enemies. Basically, when you see an opponent on your opposite side, you need to click on the screen to attack the opponent. If you don’t jump from side to side, you will move along the circle and so does your enemies. This makes you easily be crushed.

In the beginning, one enemy appears each time and you can still master the situation but over time, 2 or move opponents jump in at the same time. It will make you confused and easily make mistakes. On http://y8y8y8.games/, quick reflexes and accurate action are important. You don’t have much time to think and your opponents also don’t wait for you to make a decision. So, stay focused and try to smash other balls to get scores.

Once you launch this game, it’s impossible to put down. Many challenges are waiting for you in other games such as Jelly Madness and Super Onion Boy.


Click to leap from side to side.

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