Mango Mania GamePlay:

The most suitable game for the fans of mangoes is here at y8y8 games: Mango Mania! Help the little creature in this game to search and grab the most delicious, fresh, and juicy mango from the gardens. Each stage will be a different garden with a different layout, but your job remains the same. You will have to move through each garden, dodge the deadly traps and obstacles to reach all 3 available tropical fruit scattered in the place. The little monster can't capture all three without your help, therefore, let's join him and enjoy getting these juicy fresh mangoes.

Be quick to fill the hunger of the monster! To gain the mangoes, you will have to run through the platform, jump up when necessary, and capture the mangoes precisely to avoid slipping and dropping them. The tough part is that there will be more dangerous events and obstacles than what meets the eye. Since these mangoes are of the highest quality, tons of traps and hidden weapons have been hidden and will target anyone who tries to claim the mangoes.

Unlock a total of 30 levels, each with its special theme and layout to have a refreshing tropical-themed gaming time! Actually, one of them is enough to get you to the next level. But if you manage to escape with a happy stomach filled with all three, your character will be much happier and bring back more scores. Keep out for 10 additional achievements that you can cross off the list to gain the bonus scores.

It will not be easy to finish the higher levels due to the more complicated layout and harder challenges, but you will definitely have a great time trying to finding the way out! Bring joy to your playtime with more arcade games like Draw Defense from our list at http://y8y8y8.games/.


Control with the mouse or arrow keys.

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