Dead Red GamePlay:

Dead Red brings you to the zombie apocalypse where zombies are more than human. Humans have been transformed into zombies for unknown reasons. You are one of the latest survivors and you have to defend yourself for 40 days until you are rescued from where you are trapped. At y8 shooting games, you are under the attack of zombies all day and all night. Wave after wave of zombies come to you. You have a primary gun and a secondary gun to defeat this undead army. However, they are only killed by a headshot. You have to aim at their heads and fire. Otherwise, they can’t be defeated.

More zombies appear after each day. And you can send your search party to look for weapons and survivors. Each survival has a special skill including fight skill to help you kill zombies, repair skill to minimize the damage done to the barricades, and search skill to look for weapons and survivors. You can assign tasks to them corresponding to each skill. They and you will help each other to increase the chance to survive.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, each day passes, you will find it harder to endure when zombies crowdedly flock to your base. Many new types of undead move extremely fast and strong. How can you hold up for 40 days when you are surrounded by these deadly zombies? It’s all up to your shooting skills.

Don’t give up because you still have hope. Try to survive until someone comes and takes you to a safe place. Good luck and test your skills in a new level in Adventure Hero 2 and Rio Rex.


Mouse to aim and shoot.

R to reload.

1, 2 to change your weapons.

F to change fire mode.

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