Rio Rex GamePlay:

How many times do you play as a hunter and hunt dinosaurs? Many games on y8 com put you on the shoes of a hunter and shoot down this prehistoric animal. This has been changed this time in Rio Rex where you play as a dinosaur and hunt people. It’s bloody revenge. Break the trap and free yourself, then look for those who harm you, hurt you, and want to kill you. Teach them a lesson that makes them don’t have any change to correct their mistakes.

Sound impressive, doesn’t it? 12 levels challenge you with 12 missions. Normally, you have to eat a certain number of people at each level. However, people won’t stay still and wait for you to eat them. They will fight back and kill you before you kill them. You must take action quickly and accurately. You chew people, destroy the whole city, and blow your horrifying fire breathe to roast everything.

At http://y8y8y8.games/, nothing remains the same when you pass by. Run through the cities and settlements and look for your prey. Each level brings you to a destination and your goal is not to go sightseeing but cause havoc. You don’t have much time to have a break because people will find a way to kill you at all costs. People and you, there is only one side that alive. You know what it means, right? Get ready to enjoy the amazing experience that the game brings to you.

Once you play the first level, you can’t hold yourself back but play until you reach the final level for sure. Go ahead and shake everything up. Enjoy and try more games such as Castel Runner and Adventure Hero 2.


Left click to eat, arrow key to move, mouse to move the head.

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