Bullet Rush Online GamePlay:

It seems that you have done what you have to do. However, your mission hasn’t been done yet. What you need to do right now is to run toward the helipad to escape but enemies are waiting for you there. In Bullet Rush Online at Y8 fighting games, you have to shoot down all of them to escape safely with your helicopter. With both hands holding guns, you aim and shoot all the bad guys on your way in each level to leave safe and sound.

When you kill enemies, you earn money but you have to collect them before they disappear. However, don't risk your life for money because when you put your mind on collecting money, your enemies can take a chance to take your life. Just collect money when it’s safe out there. You can’t get money this time but you have many chances to get money later on. Your priority is your life because you have only one life at each level and you can’t earn more by all means.

Like other games on http://y8y8y8.games/, the difficulty level won’t remain the same. It increases significantly as you level up as more enemies and obstacles appear. You not only have to deal with enemies but also tons of deadly obstacles and traps. How can you face all of these dangers? Spend what you learn from the later level and purchase new weapons in the store and you can beat them at ease.

Nothing can stop you when you want something, right? You are not easy to be defeated and teach them that. Have a safe journey and test yourself in other choices of games such as Capture The Chicken and Super Tank War


Mouse to move.

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