Capture The Chicken GamePlay:

This is not a hunting game but a platformer game in which you have to capture the chicken by casting the spell. Capture The Chicken is the name of this amazing game. At Y8 games platform, Ariel has a flock of chickens and unfortunately, they got out of the farm somehow. Your mission and Ariel is to capture all the chickens without hurting them. Yes, you won’t use a gun to shoot them like other hunting games out there. You use your magic wand to cast spells to capture them in a bubble.

To succeed, you have to approach them closely enough to make your spell work. If you stand too far or too close to them, you fail to catch them. Sadly, you don’t want to make them hurt but they will hurt you if they run through you. You have 3 lives and you have to collect diamonds, capture a specific number of chickens and get as many apples as possible in each level. Apples will restore your lives, so don’t ignore them.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, the task is increasingly difficult because you will have to face many different obstacles while chasing chickens. It’s both challenging and fun that gives you an unforgettable experience for sure. Let’s see how you can bring all chickens home safely. Don’t mad at your chickens if they hurt you. Maybe, they don’t mean that. No one can tell you what is going on at the next level. The only way to know is to finish the current level to unlock the new stage.

These chickens cause trouble but they’re still lovely. Hope you have fun with Ariel and those naughty chicken friends. After that, so many games are available on our site for you to check out. Some of them are Super Tank War and Metal Animal.


L or X to cast spell and Arrow keys to move/jump.

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