Little Broccoli GamePlay:

Another endless runner game has come to Y8Y8. It’s named Little Broccoli. As its name, your company this time is a little broccoli. Your main mission is to help it pass through obstacles and collect as many stars as possible. A star is one point. Unlike other popular endless runner games where you jump to the left and right or slide and jump to avoid hitting obstacles, it likes your broccoli is running in a rope and you can flip it up and flip it down. It means you have to be fast.

Otherwise, your broccoli can’t move further. You have only one life each turn. You may miss a few stars along the way but you have to avoid all barriers. Just one hit and it’s over. On https://y8y8y8.games/, your broccoli automatically runs forward and its running speed will increase over time. You find it hard to avoid obstacles at the normal speed and you find it much harder when doing the same thing at a higher speed.

Not to mention that every 10 points you get, something unexpected will come. You will see that the screen seems to apply an effect. The whole scene will shake or the color fades away and this will make you feel confused and easily make mistakes. Keep calm and stay focus. This game has a simple concept but it’s challenging enough to whip you up. Challenge yourself and let’s see how many stars you can collect.

Try to break the record each time you play and try to get familiar with the environment that always changes. Our site offers so many games to discover. Feel free to choose the ones you like or check out Stone Smacker and Hello Kitty Pinball.

Controls: Tap or click to avoid obstacles.

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