Draw Tattoo GamePlay:

Simple but addicting mechanics, Draw Tattoo will bring you hours of fun. Get a tattoo without pain? It just can be done in this game. You are the owner of a tattoo drawing store. Your shop is so famous that many customers visit every day and want you to draw a tattoo for them. Here at y8 juegos, your work requires meticulous and patience. You need to be totally focused to give each of your customers a perfect tattoo as they want.

Observe the picture that each customer gives you and start drawing meticulously by following the outline and fill the inner with colors. It seems to be easy but not really. Because you control the whole process, so the outcome depends on your action. Move the tattoo machine slowly in the tattoo creating process and follow the outline of the shape. Watching your art become real tattoos is the satisfying experience and making your customers happy with a perfect tattoo allows making you happy.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, your result depends on the degree of similarity between tattoos and patterns. You will get 1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars. You need a least 1 star to unlock a new level. Customers keep coming and each one has a specific picture and wants you to turn it into a perfect tattoo. These pictures can be a flower, a bear, a cat and more. After finishing a tattoo, you click on the Done button to advance.

Develop your tattoo shop and increase your fame to welcome more customers here. Besides this game, you should want to enjoy other options such as Down The Mountain and Train Snake


Use your left click to draw a tattoo.

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