Draw and Save The Car GamePlay:

Draw and Save The Car is a fun and challenging puzzle game in which you will use your problem-solving skills, drawing skills, and imagination to help a car reach its destination at each level. Here at y8y8y8, this isn’t a driving or racing car. It’s all about solving the puzzle. All you have to do is to draw a bridge to help the car pass all obstacles and move to its destination safely. Once you finish drawing, the car auto-moves ahead and you can’t make the car stop, speed up or slow down.

The first, and the second level may be easy but as you advance, different obstacles and challenges will come your way. The destination may be in a high place that is hard to reach. If you draw a bridge from a low to a high, it will have a steep slope and your car is in danger of tipping over while moving. How to deal with that? Try different solutions until you find the best one. This https://y8y8y8.games/ offers 200 levels in total and in each level, you have different ways to clear the mission. Experiment with different solutions and finally, you can solve the puzzle successfully.

Observe the positions of your car, the obstacles, and the target to make a strategic drawing. After clearing a level, you will earn some coins and you can use coins to unlock more powerful cars in the store. Even though the game won’t give you hints, you can restart a level with unlimited times. Like many games on our site, this game will keep you hooked. After conquering all 200 levels, make sure you test yourself with new challenges in Snow Fun and Christmas Bridge Runner.

How to play: Mouse.

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