Christmas Bridge Runner GamePlay:

At y8, on Christmas each year, you always find a lot of new games about this special holiday, and this year, our game collection has been updated with several choices and Christmas Bridge Runner is one of them. It is an exciting yet challenging bridge-building game that you may experience this gameplay in several games out there. Five players with five different colors compete in a match and you have to collect as many Christmas stockings that have the same color as you as possible and run straight to the marked point to start building a bridge.

Try to move fastly and skillfully to avoid hitting other players because if you have fewer Christmas stockings than the one you hit, you will fall and drop all the stocks and conversely, if you have more socks than the opponent you bump into, he will fall and lose all his socks. However, collecting and attacking your opponents is not enough to win this y8y8y8 games because when you place your Christmas stockings to build your bridge and come back to the field to collect more socks, other players may replace your stockings with their stockings. It means you have to collect more socks to rebuild it.

When you finish building your bridge and reach the next stage, you keep collecting Christmas stockings and building another bridge that leads to no.1. When you stand on the no.1 platform, you win. Here, whoever conquer the first rank, the second and the third rank will be revealed and the game ends. Do you have what it takes to win over other players to win this race? Stay focused and never stop running. Enjoy your time here and other exciting options such as Ghost Walker and Runner Coaster 

Controls: Mouse.

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