Runner Coaster GamePlay:

Runner Coaster is waiting for you at y8y8y8 puzzle online games with something insanely fun. Are you ready to have a water coaster ride? You will be brought to a water park where you will have splashing fun and enjoyable moments. The thrills of roller coasters here will keep you hooked. So, each level requires you to slide to the finish line and fall into the pool. You will slide along the water coaster and pick up your friends on the way to create a long line of players.

However, it’s not simple to make a line of players and slide to the end. Before reaching the finish line, you will have to go through a lot of obstacles. You control the sliding speed. You can make it speed up, slow down or stop in front of each obstacle. Don’t pay too much attention to satisfying your need for speed, then don’t care about anything else. Watch out for all obstacles. You should stop in front of the obstacles and wait until it’s safe to go through.

However, don’t stop for too long because this makes all players unhappy. Here in this game at https://y8y8y8.games/, if only one member of that line gets hit by an obstacle, your sliding journey ends and you have to start from the beginning. Each level is a twisted and banked coaster track that you surely want to conquer. Enjoy the up-and-down thrills of a roller coaster. Start your roller coaster ride right now.

Have fun! After conquering all levels of that game, you can find for yourself other cool games on our site such as The Smurfs Skate Rush and Parents Run. Tons of games are available and waiting for you here. Besides, new additions are coming and you know what? You will have new games to play every day. Stay tuned!

Instructions: Mouse.

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