Pet Runner GamePlay:

Pet Runner is the lastest endless runner game at Y8. When was the last time you played a game like that? If you haven't played for a long time, let's try this one. Your main goal is to help a poor cat escape from a mad man. Don't know why this cat is being chased by this man but it doesn't matter. The most important thing is to run away from this man safely. You have 3 chances in each playing time. It means when you crash into any of those barriers in the game by accident, you can stand up and keep running, but for the third time, you lose and you have to play once again.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, like other games of the same genre, you change the lane to avoid obstacles or slide under the barriers to keep your life safe. Besides, collecting coins is also your mission here. Coins are used to unlock new characters, buy upgrades that boost your performance and increase your money, and buy a new skateboard.

During the process, you also collect some power-ups that have a temporary effect such as magnets, 2x multipliers, boots, jetpacks, and more. The shop offers so many items that you may want to check out. These items help you a lot in the whole gaming process. Of course, you have to have money to shop.

This game has a beautiful look and interesting gameplay. And it’s not too hard for kids to enjoy. After setting many records here, you may want to conquer new challenges in other games like Magic Wood Lumberjack and Deadly Hunter


Arrow keys to move and space bar to use your skateboard.

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