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What do you do to keep your life if you lost in a huge desert? Let’s see a cowboy find the way to survive in an endless runner game called Cowboy Runner. Desert is hot and full of spiny plants and its name is cactus. Here at y8 unblocked, you have to run as far as you can and defeat as many cactuses as possible. If you run and crash into these plants, you lose and have to start playing the game from the beginning once again. The game has simple content and control mechanism. You don’t have to interact much with the game.

Your character runs automatically and all you need to do is to attack the cactuses appear in front of you. These spiny plants are trying to stop you. Kill them at all cost to keep your journey going. This endless runner game is not too hard but if you don’t stay focused and take action at the right time, you can’t go far and get the best result.

On unblocked y8 games, put your reaction into a tough test or you can compete against your friends to find out who is the better gamer, who has a higher score and who are good at running. This game is suitable for all ages due to its easy gameplay and simple control. Even kids can enjoy this game alone without being guided by their parents. If you are tired of running and want to take a rest, you always can find other relaxing games on our site. The available ones are awesome and the latest ones are amazing.

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Left click to attack.

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