Craft Runner - Mine Rush GamePlay:

Welcome you to the blocky world and Steve is waiting for you on a new adventure at Y8y8. But wait, who is Steve? Do you know him? He is the classic character of Minecraft. He has come to Craft Runner – Mine Rush to do exercise. Sound funny, doesn’t it? He is resting from building stuff and he needs your help to run as far as possible. So like other endless runner games, you don’t want to stop your journey soon, do you?

Keep running by avoiding all obstacles along the way. You change the lane accordingly to avoid crashing to other runners, blocks, and more places there to stop you. You can boost your speed to rush toward for a few seconds. At that time, you are safe if you hit other runners but you will die if you hit obstacles. You have only one life and you can’t start from where you stop on the next try.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you can collect some useful items such as a pair of wings that turns you into a volant Steve and you fly above all obstacles but still can collect coins. In terms of coins, you can use coins to upgrade some stats before each match such as your speed, blocky shoes, and energy capacity. Upgrading is quite important. So do it whenever you have enough coins.

Besides speeding up, you can slow your speed down if it’s necessary. Your achievement is calculated by the distance you run. You can see that Steve is not only good at building but also running. With your help, he can become the ultimate running champion. Have a great time here and don’t forget to enjoy more games such as The Flappy Virus and Rolling Ball.

How to play: Left/right arrow keys to turn left/right, down arrow key to slow down, up arrow key to speed up.