Draw Defense GamePlay:

You and your rival kingdom have conflicted for a long time. This conflict has reached its peak. And now, your rival is going to attack your kingdom. Be well-prepared to deal with them in Draw Defense. At y8y8y8, this tower defense game doesn’t look like other choices of the same genre. The major difference is you will draw in a different style to summon different armies.

To defense your kingdom effectively, the most important thing is that you have to remember and master how to summon each force such as knights, archers, giants, meteors, rangers, and even tornadoes. Sound great, doesn’t it? You need to spend mana to summon each army and each army needs a certain amount of mana. Mana in this game is ink because you will draw, do you remember it? Your mana bar will recover slowly during the match. You have to manage the mana effectively to avoid running out of mana, then you can’t summon any army if necessary.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you draw a vertical line to summon knights, a horizontal line for archers, an arc for giants, a circumflex for rangers, a tornado for tornadoes, and a circle for meteors. Master these moves and you can summon the right soldiers and heroes for each moment in the battle. Don’t summon too many of them in the beginning because it’s not necessary. By doing that, you just waste your mana. Let’s summon enough troops to confront the enemy army.

Besides, as you advance, your enemy becomes stronger. Be ready all the time to defeat them. Have a great time here and don’t forget to check out other choices of games such as Chummy Chum Chums: Match and Adam and Eve Snow.

How to play:

Summon your troops with your mouse.

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