Defense of the Tank GamePlay:

You are the sole target for many attack waves from the huge planes, big fighting aircraft, helicopters and tons of other vehicles in this y8y8 kid game called Defense of the Tank. How long can you withstand the heated attack and keep your tank in one piece? Let's test out all your skill sets, including the aiming skills and the shooting skills! To win the game, you need to use a limited amount of 500 bullets to shoot down as many targets as possible.

Keep in mind that your tank is the main target for your enemies, yet your enemies are free to fly around, which makes you the underdog. Do your best to move from one side to another, dodge any huge bomb-dropping session and take cover using the objects. If you can't hide, aim properly and choose the right moment to release a powerful shoot so that you can take down the others.

Pay attention to the deadly explosive boxes that fall from the sky since they can blow up your tank in one shot. Besides the limited bullets, you can also keep track of the defeated enemies and other statistics using the bar at the top of the game screen.

At http://y8y8y8.games/, the players can go to the store to update their tank with tools and equipment for free! All you have to do is to sharpen your fighting skills to conquer more games like Plane Touch Gun and Small Archer!

How to play:

Move the tank using arrows, shoot using the mouse cursor.

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