Tank vs Golems GamePlay:

You love tank battles but this time, you don’t want to enter too serious. So something fun but fierce enough await for you here at y8 com. Are you curious? Let’s jump in Tank vs Golems and start the most epic battle. A huge army of golems is trying to take control of your city. They flood into the city and destroy everything. Our army fails to stop them because they don’t get damaged by any weapons.

However, the plan has changed. If guns don’t work, then let’s take advantage of the tank. The tank should be effective and it’s true. You play as an elite soldier and your mission is to move your tank and kill all of these golems. It sounds tough but the gameplay is easy enough for all of you to play, even kids. Players just need to shoot at upcoming golem before they approach close to the tank. They will destroy the tank cruelly and you lose.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you have to kill a certain number of the golem in each level. And you will find out that the game becomes more challenging as you level up. More and more golems will come at high speed. If you’re too slow, you are destroyed instead of them. Luckily, you are not under the limitation of time or bullets.

So feel free to fire and make them get shot. Make a bullet rain to sweep these golems out of your city. Enjoy more games as fun as this one such as Blob Tank Wars and Tank Rumble

How to play:

Press Spacebar to shoot.

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