Neon Battle Tank GamePlay:

Do you like Pacman? You have played this game at least one time in your life for sure. What about trying something quite similar but still different? A tank version of Pacman, for example. Get ready and enjoyable experience is waiting for you ahead. Let’s introduce Neon Battle Tank. It’s a great combination of tank shooting game and platform games in which you control a small but strong neon tank and fight through tons of levels against a crowded army of tanks.

Here at y8 2 player, your main objective is to defeat the enemy’s tank and protect your central base at all costs. Don’t move too far away from your core which is placed in the center of the screen because your enemies will take a chance to destroy it. You are better to move around it and eliminate any enemy tanks that appear and try to approaching close to your core.

Remember that you have only 3 lives, so you should take action accurately and quickly. The platforms in the game are breakable. You can use them as the cover to protect yourself or break them to open a way to kill your enemies. On http://y8y8y8.games/, whether you win or lose, it’s all up to you. Plan a wise strategy and destroy your enemies.

A killed enemy can drop a power-up item, collect it to enhance yourself because more and more enemies of different types will come as the game processes. It becomes harder to protect your core. Good luck and look for other amazing games on our site such as Tank Rumble and Tank vs Golems.


Use WASD or arrow keys to move and spacebar or left click to shoot.

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