Pirate Battle .io GamePlay:

Pirate Battle .io is a fast-paced ocean io game full of action which is playable on y8 games free. If you love Pirates of the Caribbean then you will love Pirate Battle .io! Take control of your very own pirate ship and wage war on the seven seas! The aim is to build the most powerful ship and to stay at the top of the rating. 

Before battle, you can customize your ship - you can choose a flag, and change its colour. In the game at http://y8y8y8.games/, you must continuously make important decisions: where to battle, with whom to fight, when it’s better to escape the battle, when it’s better to appear after the battle is over. The battlefield is a severe place. You must always be careful. Even a powerful ship must find time for the break. If you want to be among TOP10 players, you must maintain the balance of active battles and pauses.

Once you enter battle, you can collect gold, silver and other items. To upgrade skills, pick coins that are spread widely in the sea, and upgrade the ship’s properties. The coins also fall down from the defeated enemies. As you upgrade the skills, appearance of your ship changes.

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Use the mouse to control the ships movement

Left click to shoot

Space bar to use your speed boost

1234 to upgrade (using gold)

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