Pirate King Run Island Adventure GamePlay:

The endless runner gameplay combines with the platformer gameplay created a fun game that just arrives at Y8 Online named Pirate King Run Island Adventure. No, you won’t embark on the adventure where you play as a pirate and hunt the treasure. Here, you have to run away from the pirate who wants to catch you at all costs. Why? Because you take his diamonds.

The endless runner gameplay shows at a point that you will keep collecting diamonds in the whole game. For the platformer gameplay, you have to jump from this platform to that platform to collect diamonds and avoid the pirate. In the beginning, the pirate doesn’t show up yet. You have a few seconds to collect your first diamonds. After 4 diamonds, the pirate will appear from nowhere and chase you. He is quick and tense. You have to react fast enough to avoid him and protect your life.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you have only one life in each try. Once the pirate catches you, the game ends there. The game becomes harder and harder over time. A game won’t be enjoyable to play anymore if its challenging level keeps the same, right? Then, you need to be ready all the time to handle something really hard that awaits you later on. If you dare to step on the island guarded by a pirate, you should show off your skills to show everyone that nothing can stop you.

You can play this game with your friends to find out who gets more diamonds. Have a happy adventure and more adventures are waiting for you to discover in Temple Escape Run and 3D Stickman Sky Challenge.

Instructions: Arrow keys to move.

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