Boom Battle Arena GamePlay:

Something really fun just arrives in y8 fighting games. Are you curious? Welcome to Boom Battle Arena. Get ready to defeat enemies and secure victory. There are 3 stages available right now and each stage includes 20 levels. You have to complete the current level to unlock the next one and you have to complete the current stage to unlock the next stage. Your main objective at each level is to bomb every single enemy and find the castle.

Once you enter the castle, you move to the next level. At first, you move quite slowly and you have only 1 bomb. You drop that bomb to explode trees, rocks, and obstacles to collect power-ups that boost your speed, boost the power of the bomb, increase the number of bombs you have, and so on. Enemies move non-stop. So it’s hard to bomb them. You have to observe their movement to drop the bombs in a strategic place so that it explodes when enemies pass by.

You have to finish each level in a certain amount of time but unlike other games at https://y8y8y8.games/ in which the given time is the same in all levels, here, the amount of time you have will increase with the difficulty of the levels. The maps in the later levels are large, so it’s harder to bomb your enemies and find the castles. You have to destroy all obstacles to find useful items and the hidden castle before time runs out. You can unlock new characters and upgrade some stats with the coins you earn in the previous level as well.

New stages will be added soon; therefore, don’t forget to revisit this game to conquer new stages. Besides, there are so many joyful games for you to play such as BowArcher Tower Attack and Noob vs pro 2 Jailbreak.

Controls: WASD or arrow keys to move, Space to drop the bomb, and mouse to upgrade.

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