Stick Warrior Hero Battle GamePlay:

Hero of the Stick The battle begins in many dangerous arenas filled with comic book superheroes! All of those are stickmen disguised as superheroes. If you select the 1P mode, you will compete against with the computer; if you select the 2P mode, you will compete against another real player, with one of you using the ARROWS and the other using the WASD keys.

To win, use your stick avatars and the random arms and ammunition given to them to hit, shoot, cut, and furthermore attack the other one, diminishing their health bar totally and utterly.

If you and choose the third option, Endless mode, you will be tried to present with one enemy after the other and, fighting until you're exhausted. Power-ups and weapon systems will also seem to in the arena at Y8y8 stickman game online, so contribute to making sure to grab them.

If you are bored and want to find something cheer you up, then this game is the best choice to opt for. If it isn’t enough yet, let’s play other games such as Devil Cry


Player 1: WASD or Arrow keys

Player 2: Arrow keys