Devil Cry GamePlay:

Devil Cry is one of the latest role-playing games at Y8 games com in which you play as a swordsman who is finding your friend - Seya in a mysterious land full of monsters. With beautiful graphics, 4 different heroes, epic boss battles, various weapons and skills, and 9 amazing chapters, this game will give you hours of joy. It’s not easy to find a great RPG online game. That’s why you shouldn’t miss this one. Let’s start your adventure and enjoy your gaming time here.

In each chapter, you have to deal with different enemies with a certain number of waves. You have to attack and kill enemies before they kill you. When you get attacked, you will lose some HPs. When you defeat each wave of enemies, the game offers 3 upgrade options. You can choose one from them. Read the description of each option carefully to choose the most suitable one. Some options will increase your damage, some will restore your HP, and some gives you protection. Choosing the right one will make the next battle easier for you.

Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, you will face a boss at the end of each chapter. You can collect a weapon dropped from that boss. When you have many of the same weapons, you can merge them to get an upgraded version. You also can unlock new characters, new skills, and talents. Don’t forget to log in to the game each day to get a daily reward. When you die in any stage in the current chapter, you have to restart from the first stage.

Besides attacking, make sure you focus on dodging to save your life. Have fun and check out other cool games on our site such as Kings Clash and Cool Archer

Instructions: WASD to move, J to attack, K to use thorn skill, U to use wave skill, I to use flash skill, L to dodge, O to chop.

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