Kings Clash GamePlay:

Have you always wished to take over the world? Then form someone own army and let's go! Mix minions to get heroes, and just use various combat equipment and weapons to capture fort! Increase your power and make yourself the most influential player!

Taps and wants to drag are used to control the game. Your mission is to join forces identical units to obtain that this next level unit. Simply tap the central area of the screen to begin the game. During the battle at Y8 war games, you could perhaps send reinforcements by trying to tap where you want people to “ to go.


- Beautiful 3D graphics

- Become the World's strongest and most strategic commander

- Completely free game

- Fun and addictive gameplay

- Simple controls

- For both children and adults

- A game for both girls and boys

- Many units and troops to combine

Some games similar to this game are updated by us in the list of games with the same topic such as Cool Archer. Are you ready to join the trip on this new journey? 



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