Soul Hunter GamePlay:

Soul Hunter is an interesting combination of the puzzle game and adventure game at y8 fighting games where you play as Grim who is looking for his love. You have the ability to take over the soul of other people and creatures, and you have to make use of that ability to reach your final goal. Take over the soul of each target and you can perform some tasks that only that soul can do.

So, if in a level, there are several targets, you have to make a decision on taking over which soul first. For example, if you take over the soul of a person, you can jump while a skeleton can’t. If you take over the soul of a dog, you can go through narrow places. When you take over all the souls in one level, the door will be activated and you can move to the next level.

Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, this game doesn’t offer any special items or coins for you to collect. You can't even die, of course, you're already dead. When you take over a wrong soul, the only thing you can do to keep going is to restart that level. There is no other way to correct the mistake. You can play the Classic mode or Speedrun mode. Basically, your target in both modes is the same.

The only difference is that the Speedrun counts time while the Classic mode doesn’t. That’s why in the Speedrun mode, you want to clear a stage as fast as you can. Will Grim finally find the one he loves? It depends on you. Have fun and enjoy other cool games such as Aquapark Shark and Zen Triple 3D

How to play: Arrow keys to move/jump and R to restart.

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