Aquapark Shark GamePlay:

Do you want to join a water festival? Come Y8com games and play Aquapark Shark to enjoy an amazing adventure in the long and unique slide pool. Something insanely interesting is waiting for you there. In this enjoyable casual game, your ultimate goal is to slide your way through the slide pool to reach the finish line safely. You slide and jump, even flip to make special things along the water splash track. Don’t hesitate to crash into other players and kick them out of the track to gain extra points. However, you can't always do that.

Sometimes, you fail and have to restart that level. Each flip gives you extra points. Try your best to land perfectly if you do a flip. Doing flip without a plan cause an accident. You don’t have to arrive at the finish line within a given time. So, take it easy. Do not always race at a high speed. Accelerate at the right time to reach the finish line safe and sound. As long as you reach the final destination, you clear the current mission and move to the next level.

Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, you can find so many games to beat the summer heat and each is worth playing because you will have different experiences. It’s summer and there is nothing better than playing with water to cool off summer. While sliding, don’t forget to collect money. You can use the money to unlock new characters, even though all characters are the same. They don’t have any special abilities to help you set a record in terms of score or make your sliding adventure more interesting.

However, changing a new character every turn will make your experience more refreshing. Enjoy and check out other games such as Zen Triple 3D and Gurido

Instructions: Touch or click.

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