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Go to the beach is the best in the summer but if you don’t have time to have a vacation at the beach, then you can go to the waterpark and enjoy some activities related to water. The waterpark in Slippery Water Slides Aquapark.io is opened right now. It welcomes everyone to come and play for free at y8 online games free. And you shouldn’t miss an interesting competition that attracts many contestants here. Join to have fun and earn a reward if you win.

There are 11 contestants join a round and you must become the first one who reaches the finish line to join the next round. However, even your rank is 11th, you still get some coins. You can use coins to upgrade speed, purchase boosters and more to have more chances to win. Along the waterslide, you should also slide into the speed boost pad or the strong flowing water position to pass your opponents. Try to avoid crashing to any opponents ahead because you push her or him.

This is detrimental to you while helping them boost their speed. Don’t forget to upgrade your stats regularly on http://y8y8y8.games/. This is important. Besides skill, these upgrades increase your chance of winning. Combine all these factors and the first place is yours. Join the waterslide competition just for fun or for victory. Whatever your reason for participating in the contest, you still experience a great and cool time here. Good luck!

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Drag your mouse left or right to slide.

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