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It is an epic war among foxes. They compete against each other the become the king of the jungle and you are one of them. You also want to wear a crown. BigfoxWarz.io is a cool multiplayer IO game in which your main objective is to become the biggest fox to rule this land. First of all, enter a cool name and start the war. At y8 games unblocked, you control your little fox move around the map full of other foxes as players come from all over the world.

All you need to do is to eat as many fruits as you can to grow bigger and level up. However, while collecting fruits, you also have to stay alert because your enemies can approach you and swallow you. As a small fox, you should stay away those are bigger than yours but you can hunt for the foxes who are smaller to level up faster. You may notice that there are several holes on the map. Don’t worry, they aren’t deadly traps but the way to save your life when you are in danger.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, if you stay close to one of these holes and one of your enemy is trying to eat you, just jump into this hole and you will instantly reappear on another hole of the map. Don’t stop eating and be careful all the time, then one day, your name will rule the leaderboard. Let’s other foxes know your strength. Have fun!

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Use your mouse to move.

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