Love Pin Online GamePlay:

How is your problem-solving skill? Is that good? Show off your skills in a fun puzzle game called Love Pin Online at Y8 games. As its name, it’s about love but sadly it’s about a couple who are separated by a bad guy. This bad guy captures the girl and locks her in a house full of dangers.

The house is divided into rooms by pins. To save the girl, you have to pull the pins in the right order to lead hot lava to the bad guy’s room, to make heavy things drop to the bad guy and so on, and to unlock the gird and the boy, so they can meet each other. To cool the lava, you need to use water and think about how to get the water to the lava storage. Use your brain and observation skills to figure out the best way to both kill the bad guy and help our lovely couple reunite.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, as you level up, the puzzles become more complex. There will be something that makes you distracted. Try to focus and find out the right order to pull the pins. You don’t have to pull all the pins to reach your goal, just remove those that need to be removed. Think about each move because once you pull a pin, you can’t undo it. If you realize that it’s a wrong move, the only way to correct the mistake is to play that level once again.

However, don’t hesitate to try and fail. If you win too easily or the game is too simple, there is nothing special to keep you playing, right? Have a nice time and don’t forget to play 2 of the best games on our site: Planetz Bubble Shooter and Chess Move.

Instructions: Mouse to pull the pins.

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