Pancake Master GamePlay:

Pancake Master is not a simple cooking game. It’s an agile game in which you have to use your skills to cook pancakes and ship these pancakes for your customers. Basically, the pancake is cooked and it’s on the pan. Your mission at y8 co m new games is to move this pancake from this pan to that pan and finally, throw it into the mouth of one of three people are waiting for it. You just have only one chance to move it from this pot to the next.

So make sure you do it accurately. If you make any mistakes and the pancake doesn’t land on the pot but the ground, you have to play from the beginning. You only can unlock the next level if one of three people eat the pancake. The process that you ship the pancake from pot to pot is easy but the final step is hard to succeed. The final step is the step that you throw the pancake to the mouth of your customer.

One among three people will open his/her mouth and you have to aim and take action fastly and accurately to make it. On http://y8y8y8.games/, you may fail several times, but from failure, you can learn something to improve your performance next time. Control your strength is important so that the pancake can smoothly enter the next pan. You can earn coins during playing and these coins are used to unlock new food.

It means besides pancakes, you will cook and ship other kinds of food. They are hidden and they will be revealed if you have enough coins. Harder challenges await you ahead. Ready for that and other choices of games such as BFF Summer Bash 2020 and Tulip Back To Home.


Use your mouse to throw the pancake.

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