Bow Master Online GamePlay:

Simple to play but hard to win over your opponent, between you and your opponent, who is the better archer? Let’s have a test in Bow Master Online at y8 y8. This is an online game in which you have to kill your opponent who is controlled by a real player. Then you know it’s not easy to win, don’t you? You can’t zoom in or zoom out to have a closer look or an overview of where you are and where your opponent is. Then, you must estimate the distance from you to the enemy to adjust the angle and strength accordingly of each shoot to shoot at them.

With each shoot, you can locate the enemy more clearly and accurately. You and your opponent have limited HP. The person who runs out of HP first is the loser. You can move backward or forward to dodge the attack of your enemy. Each time you get hit, you will be pushed backward. This makes your opponent find it hard to hit you next time.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, it’s all about the sense, the feeling. You can’t rely on anything to kill your enemy. There is nothing clear to able to hit your target each time you shoot. It can say that by playing several times, your sense will become better and you can have a better shot each time. If you’re looking for something completive to play, this game is the best choice for you because it puts you to the real competition. How many matches do you win?

Play more and win more. Hope you have fun here and don’t forget to enjoy other amazing experiences in other games such as Castel Wars and Stickman Dash.


Mouse to aim and left mouse to shoot.

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