Master Chess GamePlay:

Master Chess is an upgraded version of classic one. There is nothing new here. It still remains the same rule as well as everything else, but just have a modern look. It’s a strategy game that helps you enhance your memory, develop intelligence and improve the logical thinking as well. In this y8y8y8 game, you can choose to compete with the computer opponent or other players around the world.

You have a set of 16 pieces, including one king, one queen, two rooks, a couple of knights, a couple of bishops and eight pawns with y8 games online. Each type of piece moves differently and has its own role on the chessboard. You have to build a wise strategy and think carefully about every move, observe the moves that your opponent make and take action correctly. Your ultimate goal is to win over your opponent by finding out and using a rational and wise tactic. Try your best to beat your opponent in the shortest time because the game offers a limited time to identify the winner. The clock is ticking.

However, don't rush. Slow but sure is one of the best strategies that you should apply. Are you confident enough to finish this mission? It’s your showtime. Good luck! If chess game is your favorite genre, then you should not miss various choices of game at kids games. The best one for you is Checkers.


Left click to move your pieces.

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