Race Masters Rush GamePlay:

Race Masters Rush is an amazing racing and shooting game that you shouldn’t miss at Y8 race games. The experience of racing and shooting at the same time will never let you down. Let’s talk about your main mission and goal first. You’re sure to drive as far as possible and survive as long as you can. Your life is threatened by enemies and traps placed on the road. You don’t have to aim and shoot at enemies.

Shooting is automatic and what you have to focus on is to avoid obstacles and attacks from enemies. You can speed up, slow down and jump to keep your life safe from enemies and traps. Sometimes, extra lives, shields, and other power-ups will appear. Make sure you collect them to reach your goal easier and faster. You have limited HP and your HP quickly runs down because you are being attacked by many enemies at once. So those power-ups are important. You need them to survive in this dangerous race.

Like other shooting games at https://y8y8y8.games/, shoot down enemies and you will get coins. Coins are used to buy improvements including aim, speed, extra health, shield, magnet, fast car, killer, bullet speed, and silver bullet. The more improvements you buy, the stronger you become. Eliminating enemies on the way is not easy as they come and attack you from the air and ground. Besides, you have only one gun.

So while shooting, you should focus on dodging the attack and traps to take as little damage as possible. Good luck and have a safe drive. Don’t forget to discover other games. Some of the best games that you should play are Super Drive Ahead and Super Car Chase.

Controls: Arrow keys and WASD to move.

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