Super Car Chase GamePlay:

Drive fast and drift a lot to escape from all the cars that are chasing you. What did you do to be chased like that? Never mind, just find a way to survive. Super Car Chase is a super fun and challenging driving game at https://y8y8y8.games/ in which you are being chased by vehicles. You need to drift and play tricks to fool them and make them crash into each other or hit the obstacles. Don’t let them catch up with you.

You have 3 lives each game and when you crash into a car or an obstacle, life will be taken from you. Therefore, make sure you drive carefully without causing an accident. You will start the game with a basic car which is a red sedan. This car has nothing special. If you want to have a new car that brings to you an advantage, you need to collect coins scattered around the city to purchase one.

This Y8y8y8 game features several choices of cars including Yellow racing car - survive 20 seconds with 1 car. Red racing car - survive 30 seconds with 2 cars, Skycar - survive 45 seconds with 3 cars, Roadster - survive 100 seconds with 1 car, Pickup 4x4 - drive 1000 meters from the start, Cab racing car - 150 car crashed in one game, School bus survive - 45 seconds with 5 cars, Double-decker bus - survive 60 seconds with 6 cars, Ice Cream van - drive 2000 meters from start, Long Pickup vehicle - accumulate 500 games played, Milk van - survive 120 seconds with 4 cars, Tow truck - survive 300 seconds with 3 cars, Black limbo - 300 car crashed in one game, Classic 50 - drive 3000 meters from start. Have a safe drive and enjoy more games such as Impossible Car Stunt 2022 and Delivery Racer

How to play: AD or right/left arrow keys to drive.

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