Old Country Bus Simulator GamePlay:

You may often see the image of a bus image on the street in the city. And you may think that there is no bus in mountainous areas. That’s not true. In a fun driving game called Old Country Bus Simulator, you will have a chance to show off your driving skill. There are 3 game modes in the game including Classic, Time Challenge, Free Roam. Here at y8 games, you have to transport your passengers from this station to that station. You will see a map shows the whole path that you have to go through in each level.

You don’t have to finish a certain mission within a limited time, so drive carefully to go to the destination safely. You start with the Classic mode which is included 10 levels. After finishing all 10 stages, you will unlock the Time Challenge mode in which you will have to complete a certain within a limited time. Then, you move to the Free Roam mode in which you freely driving around the mountainous areas.

On y8 game new, each mode brings you unique gameplay and hours of fun are waiting for you here. Remember that safety is the most important factor in this game. You are no under the pressure of time, so don’t drive too fast. Otherwise, you will crash into the cliff. You will know where is the required destination by looking at the map or approaching the green light.

Stop there and the mission is completed. Have fun and enjoy other interesting journey in Indian Truck Simulator 3D and Fever For Speed


Arrow keys to drive and Spacebar to stop.

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