Water Flow GamePlay:

Are you looking for something to help you relax? Then, nothing is better than a puzzle game. If you think that you have tried all puzzle games on y8 y8 games online, you are wrong because another exciting one is here called Water Flow. It’s sure to bring you an awesome gaming experience like other choices of games out there.

Let’s your brain work gently without being hurt just by make water flow to the right place. Yes, that’s it but how to do that is the main question that you have to find the answer. You will see different colors of water and you have to make sure that it will flow to the right container that has the same color. Pull out or drag the pins to make the water run through the pipes and finally go to the container.

It’s easy to play, easy to understand, easy to get addicted but not easy to leave or give up. The more you advance, the more challenging the puzzles would be. At http://y8y8y8.games/, it's like an hourglass. You make the water flow like flowing sand. However, you don’t place the hourglass upside down but pull the pins. These pins stop the water flow and they should be pulled out in the right order. Otherwise, you can’t finish your mission. Looking at the flowing water makes you feel satisfied.

Puzzle games attract the attention of many players and new puzzles arrive at our site quite often, so make sure you visit our site regularly to enjoy the latest gaming experience. You don’t want to miss any games for sure. Besides this game, Jungle Dash Mania and Stickmand Sports Badminton are 2 of the best suggestions for you.


Use your mouse to pull the pins.

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