Jungle Dash Mania GamePlay:

Jungle Dash Mania is an interesting combination of platformer and endless runner game. It combines 2 gameplay into 1 that will make you hooked. Here at y8 animal games, you play as an adventure. One day, you go to the jungle and a big bear appears. It probably feels you are about to harm it so it defends itself by chasing you and even can destroy you first. To keep your life safe, you have to run as fast as possible. Run away from this big bear.

However, you are handling with big trouble. A dangerous bear is chasing you behind and tons of traps are waiting for you ahead. You have to watch out behind you and in front of you. As an endless runner, you run non-stop forward and try to earn the highest score possible. As a platformer, you jump on the platforms to avoid dangerous things. Many traps, rocks, and tree stumps are here to stop your way.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, if you crash into one of them, the bear comes closers to you. Each time you fall, the bear approaching one more step and finally, it will beat you. Who will win? You know the answer, right? So, make sure you jump over all obstacles. Besides, you can take advantage of some useful power-ups that you can collect along the way such as a speed-up item that makes you dash forward at a high speed but its effect ends if you hit any obstacles or shield to protect you from all dangers.

Use them and protect your life at all costs in this awesome jungle dash mania game. After discovering the jungle, don’t forget to explore more games such as Gold Coast and Number Maze.


Click to jump.

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