Real Jungle Animals Hunting GamePlay:

As its name, Real Jungle Animals Hunting will bring you the most realistic hunting experience and promise that this journey will be fun. If you have played other hunting games at y8 animal games, your mission always hunts one certain kind of animal at each level and you just have to go ahead and hunt them down. However, in this game, things have changed.

The game allows you to choose one kind of animal and this animal will appear with other animals in each level and require you to find and hunt for the animal you have chosen. Sound much more interesting, right? It means that your target will not appear everywhere and they will always be there waiting for you to shoot. You have to find your targets among other ones to hunt them. On http://y8y8y8.games/, there are 6 levels in total. You have to finish your mission in each level within a given time.

Once you finish the current level, the new level will be unlocked. To help you easily to find your target, the game provides you a minimap that shows you the position of each target. Just move toward them, aim and shoot before they run away. You may wonder how it would be if you shoot at the wrong target. Try and find the answer. It will be better than knowing the answers you have before you try.

Enjoy the realistic environment, amazing sound and great gameplay, it has all you find in a cool hunting game. Have fun and these are our recommended options for you to continue playing: Soldiers Fury and Viking Dragon.


WASD or arrow keys to move

R ro reload your gun

Right mouse to zoom

Left mouse to shoot

L to lock and unlock the cursor

Q to switch weapons.

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