Real Shooting Fps Strike GamePlay:

A bunch of maps, an inventory filled with weapons, a series of missions, awesome sound effects, and visuals, that’s all you are looking for in a shooter game? Real Shooting Fps Strike – an incredible action-packed FPS at juegos de Y8 gives you all. You even find something more when playing this game. So you play as an agent and in each mission, you have to eliminate some targets such as criminals, terrorists, and so on. They know you are coming. Therefore, you have to watch out for unexpected attacks.

Look around and move slowly to spot enemies and quickly shoot them down before they make you run out of blood. A little thing you should remember that is you have to finish each mission with a given time. Otherwise, you can’t move to the next levels. With a successful mission, you get money to unlock new weapons that have better stats. The common thing about all level-based shooter games that you may have played at https://y8y8y8.games/ is that the missions become more challenging as you advance.

After the first 5-6 levels, you should expect that everything doesn’t seem to be easy as before. Carefulness is always recommended. When the gun runs out of bullets, it needs time to reload. Your enemies may take a chance at that time to kill you. It’s better to look for a cover when your gun is reloading. You need to protect your life before doing your mission. Get it? About 30 levels are waiting for you.

Take a deep breath and let the bad guys pay for what they have done. More shooter games are coming and these are the available ones that you should check out: Squid Challenge Honeycomb and Operation Desert Road.

How to play: WASD to move, left mouse to shoot, right mouse to zoom, Space to jump, L to lock cursor, C to crouch, R to reload.

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