Soccer Strike Penalty Kick GamePlay:

Soccer game has different versions and you can find so many choices at Y8Y8 games. Some soccer games give you a realistic experience with 11 players and the real gameplay but some just focus on a certain aspect of soccer such as penalty kicks and Soccer Strike Penalty Kick is such a game. You play 2 different roles: a striker and a goalkeeper.

As a striker, your ultimate objective is to shoot the ball to the goal without a miss. Shoot the ball in the way that the goalkeeper of the opposing team can’t block your shot. To start kicking, you adjust 3 sliders at the bottom of the screen to the appropriate level. When you have 3 sliders done, the ball will fly toward the goal and hope that this kick will give you a score.

After the shot, you turn into a goalkeeper and now, it’s your turn to block the shot from the striker of the opposing team. It’s quite easy to block the shot. You just have to click or tap on the target that appears close to the goal. By timing your click and clicking right on that target, you can stop your opposing team from scoring.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, it’s kind of a turn-based soccer game. You will change roles after each turn. Simply, as a striker, you try your best to score and as a goalkeeper, you try hard to block the shot. When the match ends, the team that has more scores is the winner. After that, you can choose a new team and start the new match until you don’t want to play anymore.

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How to play: Click to tap to shoot or block the shot.

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