Strike Half GamePlay:

Using an arrow and bows to shoot at a target is quite old-fashioned. Using an arrow and bows to cut the object in half is the trend now and Strike Half at Y8 player is a fun game about it. It tests how accurate you are in cutting each object in half. The gameplay and game control of this game is simple and easy but how you aim and shoot to break an object a half is quite challenging. However, after finishing some levels, you will be the master of this weapon.

So, in each level, you have to break a specific in half. You will see a line that divides that object into 2 equal parts. You just need to follow that line to reach your goal. After shooting, the game will show how accurate your shot is. If the percentage of 2 parts of the object differs greatly, you fail and you have to try again to unlock the next level.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, you can find so many physics-based games like this one and each of them features different gameplay. Most of them are quite easy to play and hard to master because your success depends on you instead of other factors like in many games out there. You don’t have any upgrades or help here. It’s all up to you in terms of how you can handle each challenge.

To help you know how to play, these games in general and in the game you are playing right now in particular, you always go through a short instruction when you click on the play button for the first time. Several objects are there waiting for you to cut them in half. Raise your bow and start now. Make sure you give other games a try. Some of the great choices for you are Daddy Rabbit and Sequences.

Controls: Mouse to play.

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