Daddy Rabbit GamePlay:

Daddy Rabbit is a great adventure game about a rabbit family. Your mission in this amazing Y8 y8 game is to help daddy rabbit gather his kids and lead them home safely. The way back home is full of obstacles and dangers. The first thing you have to do is to collect carrots in the garden. Let’s get all the carrots and wake the gardener up, so he will grow more carrots. After that, you run through the underground mazes to gather your scattered sleeping baby rabbits.

Make sure you don’t leave any baby bunnies behind. Run slowly, then your kids can catch up with you. If they are left behind, they will cry and the cry will lead the zombies to come to them. In that situation, you can use carrots to defeat zombies. Besides, carrots are also used to feed your baby bunnies to make them sleep. When the baby bunnies sleep, zombies won’t hurt them.

Let’s run around the mazes not only to gather your kids but also to collect a strawberry, a diamond, and a coin. These items are useful. Like many adventure games at https://y8y8y8.games/, you will deal with a lot of obstacles here but you can use those items to overcome all of them. Before you can lead your kids home, you have to make a deal with a mole. This mole stops your way and he requires you to give him a diamond to keep moving on.

So, a diamond is a must-have item at each level if you want to come back home and start a new adventure. Enjoy your time and don’t forget to give other games a try. Some great choices for you are Sequences and BTS Funny Frog Coloring Book.

Controls: WASD or arrow keys to play.

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