Cat Chef and Broccoli GamePlay:

Cat Chef and Broccoli is the latest adventure game at Y8 com that brings you to a kitchen where a chase and the run journey is about to start. You will meet cute broccoli who was destined to die today. Yes, Cat the chef is going to cook it right now. However, our lovely broccoli will save itself and live happily ever after. It needs your help to escape from the chef and enter the fridge safely. The chef is not the only threat to broccoli.

While running, it will have to deal with so many dangers and it may not die because of being cooked, but from crashing into kitchen appliances and rolling cookies. Yes, those cookies look friendly but they are not broccoli’s friends. They do nothing to broccoli if it doesn’t annoy them. However, if our character crashes into them, it dies before it can reach the fridge. And this means you have to restart that level once again.

Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, the new level will be unlocked only if the broccoli enters the first safely in the previous level. The broccoli has no special skills except for the ability to run quite fast and jump quite high. There is no power-up to collect as well. It can save its life with the ability to jump high and run fast, and your help. As you advance, it becomes harder to reach the fridge.

More obstacles such as graters or salt shakers will appear. The kitchen is not a safe place for the broccoli to stay; therefore, try your best to protect it. Enjoy your time here and in so many games such as Poppy Huggie Escape and Hangman Plus.

Controls: WASD or arrow keys.

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