Party Cat GamePlay:

Party Cat is one of the most entertaining puzzle games in which you help a cool cat clean the entire room. A good manner cat is sitting on a robot vacuum and you have to navigate this robot vacuum moving around the room to clean up. However, you can’t move freely but move vertically or horizontally and use objects in the room to change the direction to find the best way to clean the room as fast as you can.

At y8 com, all these clean up things are served for the party. This game is not easy and simple at all. You have to think and observe the whole room to find the best way to solve the puzzle. If you make a randomly move, you can’t solve the puzzle. Use objects such as a fridge, a sofa or a shelf to make a turn and clean all tiles in the hard-reaching areas. The puzzle game is one of the most favorite genres of everyone.

It keeps your brain working, improve your problem-solving skills and keep you entertaining. Puzzle game seems to be simple but requires you put a lot of skills to find the solution. On http://y8y8y8.games/, you not only have a good observation skill but also have a good logical thinking skill. You should know that besides this game, you have tons of different choices on our site.

They are different in the genre, gameplay and rule bring a unique experience each time. If there are too many options and you don’t know what to play first, Tyra Runner and Helix Up are 2 of the best ones you should try first.

How to play:

Use Arrow keys to move.

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