Princess Valentine’s Day Single Party GamePlay:

Valentine’s Day is a special event for every couple in the world. However, for some reasons, Ariel doesn’t have a date in Princess Valentine’s Day Single Party. But, she isn't sad because she has 2 best friends on y8 girl games. Can you guess who are they? They are Rapunzel and Jasmine. Ariel planed to held a Valentine’s Day single party with them. They are excited to join.

Here at Y8 games, you will help them prepare an unforgettable party ever - a party of BFFs. Well, how to start? Let’s decorate the room first. Due to Valentine’s Day, you should think of something related to love. Heart-shaped balloons and heart-shaped gifts are the great choices. A party for girls can't be perfect without foods. They all love the cupcake, so you should prepare some. After Ariel’s house is perfectly decorated. You now can continue with the second mission: make three beautiful princesses more shining with stunning outfits. Open each princess’s wardrobe and find out what they have, which fashion items are the best choice and which accessories are suitable. 

Well, it’s time to show off your sense of fashion. You can choose different styles for each of them from sexy, girly to cool and so on. You can mix and match a shirt or a short with a top or a pull or a dress is also a great choice. Besides, accessories like necklace, earrings, and handbag are also the important touch for their look. Next, you listen to their idea and help them have a fashionable hairstyle. When everything is done, let’s party. Princess Valentine’s Day Single Party is really fun, isn’t it? You can have more fun with other games such as Princess Elsa And Snowman Dress Up. Enjoy!


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