Run Rabbit Run GamePlay:

If you are a big fan of platform games, you came to the right place. Here at Y8 unblocked 2 player, you can find a wide range of amazing platform games that have different themes and Run Rabbit Run is one of them. Get your jumping skills ready for the new challenges. When you first saw its name, you may think it’s an endless runner game but it’s not. This game requires you to help a rabbit jump and run toward the guard waiting for it from afar at each level.

You have full control over the rabbit. You make it jump and run by using arrow keys. Your main objective is to lead the rabbit to reach the guard who is holding a gun. To get there, the Blue rabbit has to go through a series of obstacles and deal with several enemies. Blue rabbit can avoid these enemies by jumping over them or killing those enemies by jumping on their heads.

Blue rabbit has only one life. It dies when it bumps into the enemies, obstacles and falls into the gaps. This is one of the games that have the best graphics at https://y8y8y8.games/, even though it’s simple. Along the way, you can see some carrots. Collect them to boost your scores. You don’t have to collect every single carrot that appears on each level.

Just grab some of them and leave some of them behind and it’s ok. Blue rabbit doesn’t need to reach the guard within a certain amount of time. Therefore, jump and run slowly to ensure that the rabbit safely passes all the dangers. Have fun with Blue rabbit and enjoy other amazing games such as Running Santa and Sneak Out 3D.

Controls: Arrow keys to play.

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