Dash Party GamePlay:

Dash Party is an addicting multiplayer online game in which you will join a sliding and slashing battle against other online players. Here at io-game, after naming yourself, you will appear on the battlefield where other online players are ready to defeat their opponents. So, your main objective is to conquer the first rank on the leaderboard. To reach that goal, you have to eliminate every single opponent. You appear on the battlefield holding a sword. All you need to do is to slide around and slash your opponents into small pieces.

As a newbie, you can attack both weaker and stronger opponents. As soon as you have an accurate attack, you can kill whomever you want to kill on the battlefield. Try to aim their heads because a headshot makes your opponent dies immediately. If you attack the body part, your enemies are still alive. With each kill, you will become stronger. This game offers 2 game modes. You can play it alone or with your friend on the same computer. However, there is something different in the 2-player mode. In that game mode, you guys will compete against each other and other players.

When you kill an opponent, you can collect coins and use coins to unlock new characters as well as upgrade your character to have extra lives, increase speed, and have a better weapon. Here, try to dash more to have more weapon options. Watch out for opponents around you. You can be attacked from all directions. Let’s see how many battles you can win. Have fun and check out other games such as Bighero.io and Nend.io.

Instructions: In Single mode, use arrow keys, WASD, or mouse. In 2-player mode, player 1 uses WASD, and player 2 uses arrow keys.

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