Crazy Archer GamePlay:

Games about archer are not rare. Some games put in the shoes of an archer who hunts wild animals. Some games require you to defend your castle but shooting at enemies as an archer and while in some games, your main objective is simple to shoot at the target accurately such as Crazy Archer. You can find them all at Y8y8 games. In this latest game, your mission is mentioned previously. You control a bow and you have to shoot at the target that is placed far from you. You have to shoot a certain number of arrows to make it break.

There is no special tip here. What you need to do is to spend time practicing and learning how to aim and shoot accurately. If you miss too many times, the mission at that level fails and of course, you will have to play that level again. You will face many challenges. For example, your target and your bow won’t stay still. In some first levels, they stay still but later on, if the target is fixed, your bow will move and vice versa.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, you don’t have to finish a level within a given time. So it’s better to spend a few seconds or more on aiming to make sure that shot is successful. Besides the moving target or moving bow, you also will be blocked by some obstacles. Find out the best solution to make each arrow go through the obstacles and land right on the target. While playing, you will collect some presents which give you new weapons.

Check out your collection of weapons. Have fun and don’t forget to enjoy more games such as Armored aces Among - Imposter and Rope Slash : Bow Master.

Instructions: Mouse to play.

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