Crazy Shooter GamePlay:

Another challenge is coming to test your shooting skill. Welcome to Crazy Shooter at y8y8y8 where you may find what you love such as Among Us character, shooting gameplay, and the thrilling missions. The new style of shooting here will hype you up. You play as an Among Us character and you are under the attack of rampant stickmen. They shoot at you and you shoot at you.

Who will die first? Your ultimate goal is to kill all stickmen in each level. You are alone to deal with several enemies at once. The best part of this game is that you stand inside of a tall building shooting at stickmen inside a building right next to it. While enemies stand still in the fixed position, you can move from the window to the window to avoid the attack of enemies or to approach the enemies much closer to shoot at them.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, all enemies will attack you at the same time, then you easily lose your HP and die. If you can strategically combine defend and attack, you can win. Try to shoot fast and don’t forget to use earned money to buy useful upgrades and unlock new weapons to become stronger and unstoppable. With some of the first levels, you will know how hard it is.

Also, the challenging level increase as you level up, then your mission is harder to complete later on. You may have to play a level several times until you can clear it. Then, to deal with them, upgrading is important. Let’s see how can you conquer all levels. Enjoy this one and other choices of games such as Super Hitmasters Online and Atari Asteroids


Click to shoot.

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