Crazy Taxi Jeep Drive GamePlay:

You should be ready because here is one of the best jeep driving games come to you at y8 2 players. A group of tourists wants to go to different places on the mountain. They hire you and your mission is to take them there. Enjoy this wonderful drive simulator game as you test yourself in 10 levels filled with challenges and fun as well. Pick up the tourists and drop them to their destination.

This is not as simple as that. Why? Because you have to drive through various obstacles such as flipped cars, the barrel is rolling down, falling trees and more. Also, if you are not careful, you will crash into a cliff or fall into an abyss. This journey is very dangerous. You have to pay attention to many things to have a safe trip on http://y8y8y8.games/.

However, the more challenging is that you have to complete each level within a limited time. If you drive too fast, you're in danger. If you drive too slowly, you will not be able to complete the task and from there, the new level will not be unlocked. How to balance everything and have a ride that is both safe and successful? It’s all up to you.

Like other games such as Police Motorbike Driver and Top Down Cars that you shouldn’t meet, you must make use of your skill. The game becomes much harder later on. You can do it. You can overcome all dangers in these challenging mountain tracks. So don’t worry. Smooth control, thrilling experience, and cool gameplay, you have everything you expect in a great driving game here. Enjoy!


Drive by using your arrow keys.

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